What Makes A Good Friend

As adults I see over and over again people complaining or otherwise stating how they don’t have any friends. I also see the question “how do I make friends ??”, or some variation of it on a regular basis. So today, with the help of Wonderopolis we’re just going to break down what makes a good friend. Why ? Because the better friend you are, the better friend you will attract and keep.

Let’s start with us each (me and you, the humans reading this) taking a mental note of how many friends we have. No need to think super, extra deep. Just yank a loose number out of your noggin. Maybe you have more friends than you realize. Maybe less. Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you should separate ‘friends’ from ‘best friends’ or ‘associates’. Honestly, endless questions can come of this.

Now from your initial friends list. Think about how many of them you would consider ‘good’ friends. Now the word ‘good’ is extremely subjective so just go ahead and use your discernment. With this some questions may arise such as, “are good good friends and best friends the same?”, or “does this include close friends?” Just think about quality friends. Not people you sort of just hit up when you’re bored.

Now start thinking about the qualities these people possess and how much you like being around them. You will probably notice things like how present said people are in your life. People you consider good friends are there when you really crave substance. Good friends console you while you grieve, they offer to provide for you while you’re incredibly ill and they’re next to you celebrating when amazing things happen in your life.

Good friends are usually excellent listeners and they take time to notice details about you and your life. Good friends are considerate of your time and your feelings. Good friends usually aren’t ‘yes men’ because they truly want the best for you. Good friends are LOYAL. Being loyal means they accept you for exactly who you are. The good, the bad and the ugly all in one and they don’t treat you drastically different during each phase.

When a good friend tells you what you need to hear, whether you want to or not, they do so with love and tact. You will be able to tell that their goal is to reach your heart and not to attack your spirit with their words. These are all things that will help you feel comfortable trusting them. You can trust them with your life, your secrets, your belongings. Anything. Without trust. You have nothing. Mutual trust is literally the only safe and stable foundation available for long-lasting, healthy friendships.

How many of these qualities do you possess ? Which ones are more important to you ? Let’s talk about it !

Man Nipples: Mipples

First things first, HAPPY LOVERS DAY !

As an addict of the little blue app called Facebook I often find myself joining random groups when I feel like I don’t have much else to do. Almost always the notifications that are birthed from them fill me with immediate regret as most things people ask are…annoying for lack of a… nicer (?) word. Anyhow, I landed upon a group that’s actually been super entertaining ! It’s called… actually I won’t tell you what it’s called because it’s unclear whether or not I should be sharing this experience about it (insert nervous laughter). Anyway, it’s been super entertaining, no regrets this time.

So the question that sparked this blog was accompanied by this picture here:

Courtesy of Facebook

The creator of the group was the first one to comment, “I do but then I don’t. It’s like it feels good but then I feel bad that it feels good and push her head up or down so she can stop. She can do it for me but there’s a limit because it starts to feel gay. That’s just my open and honest opinion.” This tends to be the general consensus amongst the mens comments. Interesting.

In my experience, men definitely love it. I mean DEFINITELY love it. I’ve never had a man tell me stop. Granted, I’ve also never tried to do it for like a full 120 seconds because that feels super excessive. One woman said she’d do it “about two minutes then after that I’m gonna think he’s gay too”. 

In general though other women on the post also agreed that men love this and that they’re just on the post “cappin”. 

Funniest comment: “Nah I’m good.. its bad enough that I got man-boobs! Don’t need you sucking and pinching on’em reminding me”. Totally valid *dies of laughter*. *Gets resurrected to finish this post*. 

Although pretty entertaining it does make me think. Why is it that so many MOC (which is primarily the audience of this group) think that acts between a man and a woman can be considered homosexual ? Why do they feel homosexual when engaging in heterosexual sex acts ?

Let us know your take on the subject in the comments !

New Launch Date !

Our podcast is still coming just maybe not as soon as originally intended. We really wanted to launch for Valentine’s Day but yanno… life.

So now you can expect to hear from us on November 1, 2020 !

In the meantime we’ll be blogging to get material for future episodes. Come along for the ride if you dare *insert evil laugh* 🙂